Pioneers and Projects

Work Areas

We are looking for pioneers to help us build the marketplace.  We’d love to hear from you if you can help! .  No previous experience required!

Sales and Shipping

We have growing sales of ethical goods across Europe on Fair Market and are seeking Pioneers who can curate our inventory, manage sales and ship to customers.


Its a noisy world and we will only succeed if we have skilled marketers working across social media and traditional channels to create awareness and attract new buyers and sellers.

Member Engagement

An active network of members engaged in deciding how and what we build to save the world is a fundamental of a Multi-Stakeholder Cooperative.

Business Management

Someone has to take care of the plumbing!  We need people with accounting and business management skills to keep the organisation running.

Training & Guides

Creating guides and training opportunities for people to trade through the marketplace and govern the organisation we think is key to our success.

Product Development

Online and tech products are never finished and we’ve only just started.  Coders and designers are vital to developing the product to meet the needs of our buyers and sellers.