Our aim is to make the ethical everyday – not a luxury item but an everyday purchase.  We think it should be easy to find and buy goods that are fair to the people who make them and the planet that provides the resources.

That’s why our marketplaces are cooperatively owned and managed.  That is why we are sourcing goods and traders with high ethical values.  People who care about sustainability, reducing energy, plastic and the impact on the planet. So whether you’re interested in selling your produce through Fairmondo or looking to source from credible ethical retailers then why not sign up to become a member here.

We are currently collaborating with Fairmondo.de and the Fair.coop network to build a fair and sustainable worldwide marketplace.  You can find faircoop sellers and goods here.

Fairmondo UK Ltd

We are now incorporated and registered with Financial Conduct Authority as a Cooperative Society.  Membership is open and voluntary.  We are a Multi-Stakeholder Coop – each type of member (Worker, Seller, Buyer) has a part to play in how the coop is governed – see our Rules..  The Fairmondo idea began in Germany in 2012.  Our long term plan is to work with other Pioneering cooperators to build a first class marketplace based on cooperative values and principles.

Worth Cooperating Ltd

Worth Cooperating is a workers cooperative set up in 2015 to develop Fairmondo and online cooperative marketplaces in the UK.  We also use Worth Cooperating to directly sell a selection of curated ethical products. Our faircoop shop is here.


Faircoop is an open cooperative of people committed to collaboratively building alternative solutions to the destructive ways of “business as usual”.  The network has several innovative products and tools running already including, the marketplace and faircoin.  If you would like to become an active participant in changing the world you can start with this short guide.