Worker Stakeholders

Pioneer workers – we need your help

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Fairmondo UK (and every other territory) is looking for Pioneer workers to build out the marketplace platform.  There is very little money beyond crowdfunds and any grants or support we get from the cooperative movement.  At the moment the courageous folk who put their shoulders to the wheel can register with the Pioneer Fund and start building up shares in the cooperative.  At some point in the future when this business is creating value or has a cash injection, Pioneers will receive a reward that is fair and proportionate with the work contributed.  Future compensation will be based on converting Pioneer Points earned in to shares and/or cash.  Where PPs are converted to shares, Pioneers will have the opportunity to earn dividend payments of may “cash out”.

We have the following roles:

Pioneer Leader

Ruby on Rails developers – help us to internationalise fairmondo DE code, deploy in the UK and make available for other Pioneers in other territories.


Account and Category Development

Business Development

Financial Management

Member Engagement

If you can offer a helping hand and would like to be one of our Pioneers, please email