Green buying group is good to go

We’re pleased to announce that £3,250 has been secured to set up and run a “bulk buying” savings group in the Keighley Big Local area. The majority of the funds have been provided by UnLtd who are working with KBL to help local folks with innovative ideas that aim to improve our lives.

The idea behind the “Keighley East Ethical Purchasing” group is simple: a group comes together, adds up what it spends on its weekly shopping baskets and then buys direct from wholesalers and manufacturers to take advantage of bulk buying discounts. This is a tried and tested method of keeping costs down. The innovation here is that “ethical purchasing” will be right at the heart of the group. We want to find goods from suppliers who strive to “do no harm” to nature, planet and people as well as making them easy to buy and affordable.

We want to make the ethical everyday and find food and products that are plastic free, organic, cruelty free, low/zero carbon, locally sourced from companies that pay the living wage and UK taxes!

What’s On The Shopping List?

The first task of the group will be to write a shopping list. We will start with the “must have” essentials that meet the groups ethical criteria: tins, packets, household products etc. In time the range can be expanded to include locally grown fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, cakes etc.

Start saving now

Names are being take from people who want to join the first Ethical Purchasing Group and start saving both money and the planet! If you are interested in joining please get in touch via email or direct message on facebook. The bigger the group, the better discount and the more we can save!

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