They don’t want us to do this!

What google, facebook and twitter want is competition between sellers – their commercial users – in a head to head fight for every customer.  In this fight the only thing that matters is the size of each enterprise’s marketing budget, how much you have to spend building a website, boosting posts, tweets and buying AdWords.  Hopefully, for the businesses concerned these Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) result in customers with Life Time Values (LTV) that show a positive Return On Investment (ROI).  The beneficiaries of this competition for traffic and customers are the advertising channels themselves.

Is it possible to stop playing this game? What if we stopped competing for customers and endlessly ramping up CAC  What if, instead of putting all of our eggs in one website basket and waiting forlornly for the traffic to turn up we started to develop cooperative and collaborative approaches to marketing?

When ethical sellers  work together in a single marketplace for the ethical, it will be mutually advantageous. To some extent we already collaborate.  When we are on privately owned platforms Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, ebay etc we happily (or maybe not) post their logo on our websites or create links between the sites.  We help to drive traffic (potential customers) into the marketplace. Privately owned sites convert this benefit into shareholder value.  Where the platform is cooperative owned – as with fairmondo – the benefit is shared between the platform users.

Marketplaces and shopping quarters in villages, towns and cities have always worked to create a mutual benefit for sellers and buyers.  The mere fact of sellers gathering together in market squares on market days provides buyers with choice and convenience.  There is a reason why banks, jewellers, green grocers etc cluster in areas.

So what are the practical steps of mutual or collaborative marketing?

Join -in, sign-up –  for network benefits to exist at all, sellers and buyers need to be in the same space: sign up to fairmondo!

Share – use our individual organic reach on facebook, twitter, google groups to show friends, customers and other businesses we are on fairmondo.

Invite – use the invite function on the sharetribe platform to invite others to the mfairmondo uk cooparketplace.







Badge away – use the “fairmondo” icon, including it on your website and other marketing material – click on the image to download.

cooperative logo





Word of Mouth – those face to face chats help spread the word like no other, especially when trying to build local trading networks.

Stick ‘em up – download, print out and display “find us on fairmondo” for your window. We were thinking of vinyl stickers but a print out and sticky tape or glue dots are more sustainable! Be careful with the scissors. Download and print out the findusonfairmondo.pdf below.

Fly me  – pop a “find us on fairmondo” flyer in every customers bags and parcels.  If you would like us to mail out some flyers printed by Footprinters workers coop, please contact us at